Blue Tip Frogspawn Coral Frag

Blue Tip Frogspawn Coral Frag

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Blue Tip Frogspawn Coral Frag

Fimbriaphyllia paradivisa

A fantastic branching coral that requires little specific care. 

Medium light levels of 75 - 150 umol par is the level we typically keep and grow these corals. 

Frogspawn is the quintessential LPS coral with its large flowing head and long sweeper tentacles beware putting other corals within its reach (a 2" gap is a minimum recommended) 

We aim to keep these coral under the following conditions

  • kh 8.5
  • Calcium 440
  • Magnesium 1350
  • Par 75 to 150
  • Medium to strong flow but not direct. 
  • Food Reef Roids, CVE+, Aminos, Gro.