From goldfish to a full living reef, Vitalis Aquatic Nutrition provides a natural, sustainable way of feeding your aquarium animals. It also helps maintain a clean environment. Fish keeping success predominantly relies on the food used and we make the best aquarium foods available on the market. Many members of our team started as hobbyists themselves, with a true passion for keeping healthy, exciting aquariums.

Vitalis diets are made from the highest quality raw ingredients, all obtained from sustainable sources. Our formulations are designed to cater for the diverse range of nutritional requirements of different aquatic species from around the world. Vitalis is available in 5 core ranges specifically for MARINE, TROPICAL, COLDWATER, KOI and INVERTEBRATE species.

Our products are available in three forms of presentation, each directly targeted to meet the needs of your fish: FLAKE, PELLET and MINIGRAZER.