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Tropical Fish for Sale

At our Kent/Sussex border All Things Aquatic shop we have a large range of tropical fish for sale. With our ever evolving range of fish, we have choices from the common to the sublime, for all types and styles of tropical freshwater fish aquariums.  We usually have shrimp, snails and dwarf frogs available.

If we haven't got what you desire we can order it especially for you.

Starting a new aquarium and want to add your first fish?  Bring us a water sample and we will check to see if it ready for fish. Once we are happy with the results you can select from our tropical fish for sale.

Got a problem with your fish? Bring us a water sample to help us diagnose the problem.

Aquarium Supplies

Take a look at the extensive range of aquarium supplies and equipment available, we stock or can get spares for many items which include replacement bulbs.

We stock 80L and smaller aquariums and below on our shelves for immediate use plus all the aquarium supplies to kit it out. Larger aquariums are available for drop shipping to your door. We stock a great selection of aquarium decorations.
Our stock is often changing to to keep updated it is best to visit the shop or see what's happening by following us on Facebook

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To compliment any set-up we stock a range of aquarium decorations and ornaments to suit all tastes.

We are ideally situated on the Kent and East Sussex border.

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