Beach Bum Montipora Frag

Beach Bum Montipora Frag

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Beach Bum Montipora Frag


Montipora palawanensis


A stunning montipora that has a unique colouration of yellow, gold and red blended flesh interspersed with stunning blue/purple polyps. 

Typicallically fussy on light for optimum colouration it is easy to find the exact spot in which it is happy and the colours will quickly bloom. 100-150umol Par is typical although it has been known to like even lower levels of light in certain situations. Once established this is a great canary coral (early warning system) for all important trace elements and if any of these are far out of range colour will quickly fade. However it recovers quickly once ideal conditions have been reestablished. 

Palawanensis is a fairly slow growing species of Montipora and beach bum doesnt buck the trend. Growth is slow and steady encrusting over the rock. 

Benefits well from feeding of amino acids and other liquid coral foods.