RowaPhos 1000g

RowaPhos 1000g

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D-D RowaPhos 1000g

What is Rowaphos?

RowaPhos is a unique man made ferric hydroxide material specifically produced for efficient removal of phosphates, arsenic and silicates from fresh and salt water, having initially been developed in Germany for treating mains water supplies. As such it should not be confused with natural materials, which are generally based on aluminium oxide, (zeolite).

RowaPhos is manufactured using a Patented process which makes it physically and chemically completely different to the vast array of other iron based media which have sprung up to ride on the sucess of the Rowa product. Most of these products are iron oxide based and have a higher capacity for phosphate than aluminium based medias but do not touch the engineered properties of RowaPhos.

In an independent series of tests carried out by the Berlin Technical University on the five most commonly used phosphate removers at the time, RowaPhos was found to be the most efficient in removing phosphate from water. Other medias tested reached only to 30 – 40 % of its removal capacity by weight. Additionally RowaPhos was found to continue to remove phosphates at lower concentrations and had a higher maximum holding capacity.
Why the article?

Phosphate limitation is therefore the single most effective means of algae control to the aquarist.

How much should I use?

Each pack of RowaPhos clearly states the volume of water that the contents of the pack will reduce in phosphate concentration by 3 ppm. Note that it is 2 times more effective in fresh water than in salt water.

What level should I have in my aquarium?

In saltwater aquariums and reef aquariums in particular we would recommend that your phosphate level is maintained at between zero and 0.05 ppm (PO4). Some test kits may express the results as the concentration of phosphorous ion P and in this case it should be below 0.015 ppm (P).

In freshwater aquariums, RowaPhos is twice as effective for removal of phosphate and we are generally using the media for controlling nuisance algae. We recommend that you keep the level below 0.1 ppm (PO4) or 0.03 ppm (P).

How do I use RowaPhos?

There are several ways of using RowaPhos depending on the aquarium size or the budget.

The smaller packs of media, which are often used by people with smaller tanks or those first starting to control phosphates contain a net sock into which the media can be placed.

The way that RowaPhos works is by chemical adsorption onto the surface of the media and hence for it to work properly it is necessary for water to flow around and through the pouch. It is also recommended that the media is regularly disturbed to prevent compaction and expose new areas of the surface to the general water flow.

The second way of using RowaPhos is in a conventional canister filter. It is possible to put the above sock straight into the canister however this has a tendency to channel or compact, which is exacerbated by the use of Kalkwasser, which can solidify the media in the same way that it does so to the sand in a plenum system.

It is therefore preferable to layer the RowaPhos between sponges or floss to create a more uniform flow and show a higher surface area to the water.

The third, the easiest, and the most effective, but most expensive method, is to fluidise the RowaPhos in a suitable reactor. Fluidisation keeps the media constantly moving and the water column in constant contact with the whole of the surface area. As RowaPhos is relatively light compared with some sands it is important not to over fluidise it and send the whole contents into the aquarium. For this reason
Deltec have developed a range of fluidised reactors specifically designed to allow a high water flow without over fluidisation.

Once established RowaPhos can be used continuously on your tank, as it has no harmful effects on its inhabitants.

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