Neptune Systems Apex 15" Liquid Level Sensor LLS-15

Neptune Systems Apex 15" Liquid Level Sensor LLS-15

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    Neptune Systems Apex 15" Liquid Level Sensor LLS-15

    The Neptune LLS is a first of its kind industry exclusive! While most liquid level sensors simply measure the presence or absence of liquid at a predetermined sensor height, the LLS is one continuous vertical sensor that can identify the exact depth of a liquid in both inches and centimetres at any given time.

    This increased sensitivity in measurement can help you identify and be alerted of changes in evaporation, consumption, and dosing levels within sumps, ATO reservoirs, AIO tanks, dosing containers, mixing stations, and more. The Apex can then be set to send alerts or to take action whenever the liquid level changes by a specified amount. All measurements are shown in both digital and animated visual readouts in the app, allowing you to track your liquid level over time. The opportunities and potential uses for this new sensor technology are endless for automating and optimizing your aquarium system.

    Endless opportunities for optimizing your aquarium automation

    • Continuous monitoring of water level depth
    • Track evaporation, consumption, dosing levels, and more
    • Use in sumps, ATO reservoirs, AIO tanks, dosing containers, mixing station, etc
    • Measurements in both cm and in
    • Track all data in Neptune Fusion app, display in graph or visual animations
    • Set Apex to send alerts or take action whenever liquid level changes by specified amount
    • Mounting clip included
    • LLS may be used with any A2 Apex equipped with a FMM, or with any A3 Apex using either the embedded FMM ports or with a separate FMM. LSS are not backward compatible with A1 Apexes (Apex Classic models).

    Which size is right for me?

    Liquid Level Sensor- 4 (LLS-4)
    The 4? LLS is the smallest of the four sensor offerings. It is the perfect fit for small reservoirs for small sumps, ATO reservoirs and additive containers. This can be a great solution to double check that liquid additions of your additives match your dosing solution over a period of time. For example, if you dosed 250 mL additives over two weeks and you know each inch is 100 mL, then the additive reservoir liquid level would have decreased exactly by 2.5.

    Liquid Level Sensor- 15 (LLS-15)
    Probably the most popular sized level sensor this is the ideal sensor for your average containers used in and around aquarium. This will be the ideal sensor for measuring the return pump section of your sump. You will be able to make sure that the water level stays consistent and any drops or gains in water level can be carefully examined to make sure there are no changes to your salinity. Further, if, for example, the ATO reservoir is empty and the water level in the return pump area starts to fall, then if a COR pump or Vectra pump (coming soon ), you can turn the speed of the return pump down to prevent cavitation. Another great application of the 15 sensor is to place in your ATO reservoir. Especially if you have a reservoir you need to fill manually, often times you simply look at the reservoir while going out the door and know if it is enough water to cover the evaporation rate while you’ll be gone. If not, you usually stop what you are doing and take care of it. Now, simply pull out your Apex Fusion App and know without even looking.

    Liquid Level Sensor- 23 (LLS-23)
    The 23 sensor is a bit larger version of the 15 sensor and can be utilized in similar applications to the 15 but for larger sized-aquariums. A great application to consider is utilizing these advancing a roller mat.

    Liquid Level Sensor- 35- (LLS-35)
    The largest of the LLS sensors is the 35 sensor. This sensor is to be used for large reservoirs that are often utilized for saltwater reservoirs for manual and automatic water changes.

    In what liquids may the LLS be used?

    • SaltwaterRO/DI water
    • Commonly used alkalinity supplements
    • Commonly used calcium supplements
    • Commonly used magnesium supplements
    • Citric acid and acetic acid (vinegar) – for cleaning only
    • Kalwasser in ATO water

    In what liquids the LLS may not be used?

    • Saturated kalkwasser (calcium hydroxide)
    • Redsea NO3:PO4-X (aka NoPox)
    • Vodka
    • Other additives and treatments containing alcohols

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