Aqua-vet med-#5 gill flukes 100g

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Aqua-vet med-#5 gill flukes 100g

Triple Pack - 3 x 100g packs for a full treatment

Absolute Aqua-Vet Gill Fluke+ is an effective medication to target treat a specific Parasite species. Absolute Aqua-Vet Gill Fluke+ works by dissolving the digestive system of the Fluke causing its death.

Absolute Aqua-Vet Gill Fluke+ Is safe to use with water plants and will not harm the filter bacteria

Not!! to be used in ponds containing crustaceans or molluscs.

How To Use:
Treat on days 1, 8 & 15 shake bag to decompact medication before Measuring.

Recommended Dosage:
Add 10g per 100 gals (454 L) of pond water.

Turn off Ultraviolet sterilisers then add the correct amount of medication to a watering can with 2L of pond water & distribute contents evenly across the surface of the pond. Safe to turn Ultraviolet sterilisers back on after day 30.

Do not use any other medications for 14 days after adding this treatment.

When using with river type fish such as Orfe, Rudd & Sturgeon Ensure extra oxygen is provided.

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