Tropic Marin Starter Kit

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Tropic Marin Starter Kit contains a range of high quality saltwater products, which are ideal to get your new marine tank up and running ensuring optimum water parameters.


Reef-Salt 10KG - Tropic Marin Reef-Salt creates the ideal environment for the care of fish, corals and other invertebrates in modern reef aquaria. Use saltwater prepared with Reef-Salt for regular water changes in your saltwater aquarium, to start a new aquarium and to re-balance the pH of the tank.

All-For-Reef 250ml - A highly concentrated solution for the supply of ALL essential minerals and trace elements in new/moderately stocked reef tanks.

Nitribiotic 25ml - A solution of probiotic and nitrifying bacteria which aids the nitrogen cycle and strengthens the immune system of fish and inverts whilst lowering Hydrogen Sulphides.

Compact Lab Multi-Test Kit - High quality kit for the determination of the most important water values in marine aquaria. Includes tests for: pH (sufficient for 100 tests), KH (sufficient for 100 tests),

PO4 (sufficient for 50 tests), NO2/NO3 (sufficient for 50 tests), NH4/NH3 (sufficient for 50 tests).

Acclimation Kit - The kit includes Siphon starter and water flow indicator chamber, rigid plastic connecting pipe, water control valve and Tropic Marin PRO-TECT 10ml (this can be used when acclimating as it helps to increase immunity, reduce stress and prevent fluctuations in water chemistry)

AquaHabitats Hydrometer - This easy to use hydrometer measures the salt content of water using specific gravity (density of the water) at 25°C