Cade Reef S2 Frag Aquarium

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Cade Reef S2 Frag Aquarium

Cade Reef S2 Frag Aquarium


The CADE Reef S2/F series are the new benchmark in coral propagation Aquariums. Identical to the full sized Reef S2 systems with the only exception, height!

The Reef S2/F series 'frag' series are the S2 Classic's little brother, an identical shallow version designed specifically for coral propagators or shallow reef applications. Expertly crafted for un-compromising functionality and durability. CADE tanks are renowned for their beautiful clean lines, perfect silicone, smartly concealed silent weir and large ATO reservoirs.

  • Super high clarity Opti-Clear glass finished with flat polished edges and laser etched CADE logo. Your badge of authenticity.
  • Highest quality German 'Wacker' silicone, precision applied producing perfect gaps and razor sharp edges.
  • Silent 'Twin Intake' Slimline Weir allows for efficient debris uptake at all levels and acts as an emergency intake in the event of blockage.
  • Black rear glass panel neatly concealing the weir, ATO reservoir and all Aquarium plumbing.
  • Pre laminated white base glass makes it perfect for a bare bottom reef or a thin layer of sand that is often pushed around exposing the base glass.
  • Sleek aluminium Jump Net included assembled.
Highest clarity aquarium glass and perfectly cut silicone edges

Highest clarity aquarium glass and perfectly cut silicone edges

  • Rimless high clarity Opti-Clear tank with flat polished edges glued constructed with the highest quality German 'Wacker' silicone available for Aquarium use.
  • Silicone is precision applied to produce perfect gaps and razor sharp minimalist finish. We use clear silicone only! Black silicone hides imperfections like air bubbles or silicone separation.
  • White laminate is pre-applied to the underside of the tank to increase light reflection.
  • CADE logo laser etched with the front panel serving as your guarantee of authenticity.
Slimline glass weir with surface and low-level intakes

Slimline glass weir with surface and low-level intakes

  • The Reef S2/F slimline glass weir is neatly concealed behind the rear glass panel offering an uninterrupted view of your Aquarium.
  • Both surface skimming and low-level water intakes enable superior uptake of heavier debris that would otherwise fail to reach surface intakes on regular weirs.
  • How does it work? Behind the intake vents is a sealed glass channel that receives water from the low intake and directs it to the top of the weir. The panel prevents direct flooding into the weir and directs debris to the surface via the channel where it is efficiently sucked into the drainage system preventing sediment accumulation in the weir.
Gravity-fed ATO reservoir neatly concealed behind tank

Gravity-fed ATO reservoir neatly concealed behind tank

  • The rear wall of the Reef S2 models conceals our weir and a large capacity Auto Top Off (ATO) freshwater reservoir which replenishes evaporated water via a gravity fed float valve positioned in the return pump chamber of the sump filter.
  • We think this is the smartest way to achieve large RO volumes without compromising valuable sump filtration space.

Reef S2/F Cabinet
At CADE our focus is to provide the Aquarist with an intelligently designed indestructible foundation enabling you to build a truly personalised Aquarium system without compromise.

  • Constructed using 100% Waterproof and Corrosion proof materials. Aluminium, glass, plastic and 316 stainless screws.
  • Pre-assembled with sump filter safely secured inside.
  • Dry area for a Chiller and dry goods storage. Shelf for dosing pump and cable management. We've even provided a Chiller tap water feed.
  • Power Management zone including control board mounting panel behind side suicide door.
  • Power Boards (8 sockets) c/w outer switches and internal plug sockets. (Supplied region specific).
  • Pre fitted tank mat.
  • Industrial levelling feet.
  • Internal magnetic door closers.
  • Quick release removable doors.

Separate dry area for chiller and accessories, with controller management side access
Ventilated dry area suitably sized to accommodate a chiller and dosing vessels.

  • Chiller water feed tap for easy plumbing.
  • Shelf for dosing pump and cable management.
  • Pre drilled dosing line holes to sump filter.
  • Side 'suicide door' access for uninterrupted access to sump and plumbing.

Our unique side 'suicide door' are definitely a crowd favourite providing uninterrupted access to the sump for servicing and maintenance.
Harvesting macro algae or accessing filter socks has never been easier with this feature.

The Reef S2/F glass sump filtration system provides smart use of space ensuring the Aquarist has the flexibility they need to establish their preferred filtration experience. All within in a silent splash free sump.

  • Filter sock mechanical filtration.
  • Macro algae chamber (removable baffle).
  • Large protein skimmer / reactor chambers.
  • Reactor water tap feeds.
  • Flow concentrated media chamber promoting optimised biological & bio-chemical filtration efficiency.
  • Proprietary 'media baskets' for biological and biochemical media.
  • Return pump chamber c/w auto top off (ATO) freshwater replenishment float valve.
  • Silent, splash free operation eliminating salt spray.

Refugium chamber with removable baffle.
Refugiums are a great way to manage nitrate and phosphate nutrient export in a saltwater Aquariums.
If this feature is not required simply slide out the removable baffle and use the space for another purpose.
Provided in models Reef S2/F 1200 and 1500. Not available on Reef S2/F 900.