Cloverleaf PRO-TECT Pond Dosing System 10L (complete System)

Cloverleaf PRO-TECT Pond Dosing System 10L (complete System)

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Cloverleaf PRO-TECT Pond Dosing System 10L (complete System)

Why do we use “PRO-TEC” regulated pond sanitising system?

There is a simple and efficient programme that safely ensures free-swimming aquatic parasites, fungal infections and harmful bacteria are kept at bay!

What does this really mean?

Kills pathogens, dramatically reduces bacteria germs (CFU colony forming units) Fights viruses, bacteria and fungi.

In retail and wholesale systems prevent cross-contamination of KHV and SVC when used with good husbandry.

Effective against the vast majority of commonly found parasites, fungus and wound attracted bacteria. Assists fish to naturally regain strength and self-heal when suffering from wounds.

By continuously releasing a scientifically measured proven formulation developed for use in ornamental ponds and pools it provides constant and consistent protection for your fish 24/7 without affecting the Good bacteria bed in your filter.

Preventing serious infections, ulcers and fish-killing mass parasite infestations.

Proven tested, approved and used by UK Aquatic Government bodies Cefas and Defra.

Additionally, dramatically improves water clarity through the control of free moving bacteria. Reduces the need to treat ponds for parasite outbreaks and wound infections.

Not a water steriliser.

Does not affect a fish's own natural immune system! Harmless to water plants and lilies! Water insects or amphibians. Safe for birds and animals to drink.

This is a water treatment. Not a fish treatment, vaccine or antibiotic. It disinfects and improves constantly the environment that your fish live in.

Scientific Definition of disinfectant. - “A process physical or chemical designed to give a

5 log 10* reduction of organisms (99.999% kills)

Practical Definition:- A process that reduces the number of organisms present to a level where they do not pose a threat to health.

PRO-TECT Additional Information

Cloverleaf PRO-TECT is the best aquatic disinfectant available. That kills all common bacteria and is effective against most viruses and fungi. PRO-TECT is the disinfectant of choice for DEFRA.

Whilst having very low toxicity, stability and long-lasting in water. Suitable for use in all temperatures.

Approved by DEFRA and CEFAS for treating all major animal and aquatic disease control.

Cloverleaf PRO-TECT can be applied as a foot dip, in spray form to disinfect equipment, fish houses, viewing bowls, nets and as well as directly to the pond or aquarium.

Ponds/ Aquariums should be treated with formula A initially. formula B is then applied as a maintenance dose to maintain the formula's active strength within the water column and applied throughout the year/season.

Dosage & How to use! (Before use carry out a 10% Water Change)

“Formula A” (Day1)

First, fill the dosing chamber with warm clean water. Empty the contents of Formula A into the dosing chamber and gently stir until dissolved.

Allow the solution to stand for 10 minutes. Distribute evenly around the pond.

“Formula A” must be followed by “Formula B” (Day 2) Prepare the mixture the same way as formula A. Use Sachet B1 on day 2 and Sachet B2 on (Day 14), After day 28 repeat the “ Formula B” process.

Dosage Calculator for Smaller or Larger volumes

For Gallons

Formula “A” 0.015 x Total amount of Gallons = Total grams required.

Formula “B” Take grams needed For “A” ÷ by 2 = Total grams required.

Calculation Example For Gallons:

"Let us say my pond contains 500 gals"

The calculation for Formula “A” 0.015 x 500 gallons = 7.5g

The calculation for Formula “B” 7.5g ÷ 2 = 3.75g

For Litres

Formula “A” 0.0033040 x Total amount of Litres = Total grams required.

Formula “B” Take grams needed For “A” ÷ by 2 = Total grams required.

Calculation Example For Litres:

"Let us say my pond contains 2270 Litres"

The calculation for Formula “A” 0.0033040 x 2270 Litres = 7.5g

The calculation for Formula “B” 7.5g ÷ 2 = 3.75g

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